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Monday, March 26, 2007

Brand Extension: Pond’s toothpaste

Pond’s, the popular brand of face cream, didn’t prove to be quite so popular when it applied its name to toothpaste. In a blind test environment, people were not able to differentiate Pond’s toothpaste from that of Colgate.

However, when the Pond’s name and imagery were attached to the toothpaste, no-one was interested. Although Pond’s had successfully extended its brand before (into soap products, for instance), these extensions had all been linked by a similar fragrance. ‘The main attribute of a toothpaste is taste, this mismatch between taste and fragrance created a dissonance in the minds of consumers,’ says Dr M J Xavier, professor of marketing at the Indian Institute of Marketing. ‘To most people Ponds was something to do with fragrance and freshness and used for external application only.’


Manish said...

Hi sir/ma'am, I have just read this article and found it very useful in order to understand Brand extension and its failure.

shakti chavan said...

hi sir/madam ponds has very good reputation or brand loyalty in cosmetics but the brand extension in toothpaste is failed because of its brand identity as a cosmetic product thus the ponds failure may because of its name thus as a marketing student i would suggest they can enter again in the market with new name and positioning for same

vips26 said...

A in-depth Brand Study for failure of Ponds Toothpaste :